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Balance problems and falls are common in older adults and caused by multiple interacting conditions. Therefore patients with falls require multiple disciplines for effective management.

In this clinic older adults whose main complaint is falls, will receive comprehensive medical exam with particular attention to falls risk factors, in order to identify remediable causes for intervention.

Older adults with frequent falls are at high risk of fractures because over the years their bones get thin and they get a condition called osteoporosis. The bone thinning usually proceeds silently until fractures of the hip or wrist or severe back pain (from collapsed vertebrae) occur. In this clinic in addition to the above, patients get screening for vitamin D deficiency and osteoporosis with the aim of diagnosing and treating these conditions and reducing the risk of fractures. Those who have already suffered fracture get their treatments reviewed and optimised.

Common outcomes of this clinic are:

1. Change to medication regimen.

2. Referral for further tests: brain scan, heart scan, X-rays, ECG, blood tests, etc.

3. Referral for DXA scan-X-ray based screening for osteoporosis.

4. Referral to other specialists: physiotherapist for balance training; occupation therapist for home visit, as home environment influences mobility and safety.

5. Review of osteoporosis treatments: many patients do not tolerate once weekly osteoporosis medication (Alendronic Acid). Admission as a day case at Spire Sussex Hospital can be organised for once yearly Zolendronic Acid intravenous infusion.

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